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ZabanAfza Android application has lots of professional features.


Practicing speaking skills with the ability to recognize the quality of pronunciation…

Chart of progress

See progress on the chart…


In-text dictionary anywhere including…


Usability without internet connection…

Smart online test

Ability to assess listening, speaking, vocabulary and spelling skills…

See strengths and weaknesses

Distinguish listening, speaking, vocabulary and spelling skills on the chart…


Create a list of favorite words…

Audio pronunciation

Audio pronunciation of all examples with American and British accents…

Reminder time

Set study reminder hours…

Common Questions

Where can I download the ZabanAfza application?

The ZabanAfza Android application can be downloaded through Google Play.

How do I register?

Registration is being done through the ZabanAfza application by entering the email address.

Will my listening and speaking skills improve?

One of the unique features of ZabanAfza is teaching the correct pronunciation of words and sentences with American and British accents. ZabanAfza also tests listening and speaking skills in smart online tests and points out your strengths and weaknesses.

Do I need a permanent internet connection?

You only need the Internet when you receive new lessons, and then you can browse lessons and words, listen to the pronunciation of words and examples, without an Internet connection.

Which educational reference is suitable for me

ZabanAfza with various specialized and general educational references including language tests (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, TOLIMO, and entrance exam), general information (countries of the world with capitals and flags, everyday words, commonly used words, visual words), course Beginners, intermediate and advanced students will meet many of your educational needs.

What if I couldn't study for a few days?

If for any reason you are not able to study, then ZabanAfza will not send you new lessons and you will no longer have to worry about accumulating a large number of unread lessons.

How can I review previous lessons?

ZabanAfza is designed based on cloud computing, you can view and read all your educational records at any time through the Android application.

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About ZabanAfza

Zabanvaza is proud to serve English language students in high school to university and language test applicants since 2012. Sending new content and repeating previous content via email, SMS and Android application are our ways of communication. Various training packages such as 504 absolutely necessary words books, important words of IELTS and TOEFL test, 1100 essential words and specialized PTE test training packages such as WFD reference, ASQ reference, RA reference and ASQ, WFD repetitive questions are prepared and available. Also, high school books, reference of everyday words, countries of the world with capitals and flags, reference of general words and reference of visual words of photo and word are other educational packages available in the language.

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